Package Design (Gillette Mach3)

Photograph of Gillette Mach3 Package used in video.

Still working on a video player solution. Until then, check out the video on YouTube.

To be fair, Gillette has had many designs for this packaging over the years. Further, I would presume they have tried multiple rounds of A/B testing to discern the best selling package design for various areas in which their products are sold. Finally, some of the design decisions I had I discovered were actually present in some of the previous (or other current) designs I ended up stumbling upon.

The main takeaway here is around establishing a communication hierarchy.

After filming, editing, and posting I also realized the bump may also aid in separating the logo in the bottom portion of the package from the more pictographic components. This seems like an odd choice possibly to overcome a shortcoming in the design layout itself.

I really would like to know if the packging was intentionally made difficult to open, having to bring in a knife or other sharp implement.

For the redux I would also like to see going back to a full-face container, flat on the front and curved along both sides. This would also allow for a “double pack” while using the same packing process.

I also still don’t know where the security implement is. Could actually be inside the blades themselves I suppose.