Product Lines (iPhone)

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Exploring two ways to define and create products and services: lifestyle and innovation. Not mutually exclusive, most products consider at least both of these and there can be more. The real life example comes from the Apple product lines highlighting the iPhone product line.

I use average hand sizes (7.6“ and 6“ male-female, respectively) for the following five device sizes:

eXtra Large
Tends to require two hands to operate productively, live on a horizontal surface, and requires peripherals to be fully functional. (ex. A tower computer.)
Tends to require two hands to operate productively, portable and best used on horizontal surface, and does not require peripherals for base functionality. (ex. A Laptop.)
Tends to require two hands to operate without horizontal surface: one hand to hold and one hand to navigate. (ex. A tablet.)
Can be fully operated one-handed without hardware or software modifications. (ex. Most computer mice.)
eXtra Small
Hyper-portable and compact. (ex. Most wearables.)


Have one iPhone Pro with two sizes, similar to most of the other products listed as “Pro.” Have three consumer iPhones, mimicking the spirit of the iPad lineup: iPhone Mini, iPhone, and iPhone Plus or Max (this would be opposed to the iPad Air, which seeks to be smaller than the iPad). The iPhone Mini would be small while the others would be medium. Screen for the iPhone Mini, iPhone, and iPhone plus would be roughly 4“, 5“, and 6“, respectively; however, it is not the screen size that’s important compared to the aforementioned definitions. The iPhone Pro would be roughly 6“ and 7“ inches.

The iPhone Mini would target the productivity crowd who uses their smartphone primarily to track their lives and get stuff done. The iPhone Plus would target gamers and those starting out in content creation. The iPhone itself is the midpoint, a bit more battery life due to a bit of gaming, more media consumption, with a little content creation. The iPhone Pro is more for someone creating content with a production quality requirement and maybe even editing and manipulating that content on the device.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if all the devices could take the phone app. In other words, the question I have is how many people would still purchase phones if their tablet could ring them? Or, their laptop, which they could answer using something like Siri and the AirPods 2 and Pro?

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