reMarkable (hardware)

In the previous entry we went from being oblivious to unboxing the reMarkable. This time we’re going to be looking at the actual device, peripherals, and accessories (before diving into the software running the reMarkable).

Still working on a video player solution. Until then, check out the video on YouTube.


Weight: Roughly the same as a composition book or an iPad Mini.

Carry: Easily held under arm and in hand.

Size: Not quite a full-sized sheet of paper, but close enough.

Display: Edge-to-edge with no bump.

Rubber strips: The rubber bands on the back tend to keep the reMarkable from sliding around without you holding it.

Marking: Only one way to make a mark - the stylus. So, no need to worry about wrist rejection not quite working.

Marker: Nib drawer in barrel.


Stark contrast in material and color for front, back, and body.

Navigation buttons sometimes don’t respond and can be pressed accidentally while writing (though the buttons are locked while actively interacting with the screen using the stylus).

Thoughts and Recommendations

Two colors. White and a black to match the color of the premium stylus.

Take more cues from the paper and notebook categories (clipboards and legal pads).

Move buttons and wider bezels to side opposite the charging port. Make buttons more pill-shaped.