reMarkable (unboxing)

This is the first in a series discussing the reMarkable e-ink tablet from reMarkable. Before talking hardware, software, and support, we’ll cover the experience from discovery to purchase and unboxing along with thoughts and recommendations to that experience.

Still working on a video player solution. Until then, check out the video on YouTube.


Simple design. Muted color palette. Limited colors and font families.

Seems to focus on establishing trust and emphasizing tradition with a modern, digital twist.

Photographs appear to be custom and well thought out.


Establishment of trust and reliability continues.

Smooth user flow to the point of purchase and delivery.


Box itself made out of heavier card stock (craftsmanship). Arrangement of elements is logical.

Magnetic clasp is a nice touch and further enhances the pereceived refinement of the device and experience.

Thoughts and Recommendations

Create an alternating hinged opening experience. Right-open, left hinge. Then Left-open, right hinge. Device with tab to lift out device that mimics right-open, left stop (as opposed to hinge).

Put stylus beneath tablet so it is the only thing seen by a user and doesn’t possibly hinder access to the device. This would allow the user to go through the on-boarding process without having anything out of the box.